About Us

The first cultivation and hand harvesting of olive trees began in Crete, around 3500BC during the Minoan civilization. Crete’s olive trees are amongst the oldest in the world. In Minoan times, olive oil was used as food and in cosmetics. Olive oil from ancient times was famous for its numerous healing properties. The antioxidant substances that it contains and chlorophyll make it one of the most active oils used for skin, nails and hair but also for the entire body. Scientific searches have shown that olive oil:

1. Contains antioxidant ingredients, such as polyphenols, vitamin E, vitamin A, D3 and K, which provide skin cell’s elements with an effective protection against oxidation damages.

2. Contains the necessary fatty acids, like vitamin F, key ingredients to the composition of the skin’s layers.

3. Offers a good protection against free radicals and helps to prevent cell ageing process.

Naturelia Company

“Naturelia ” a name that consist from “Nature”and “Elia”which means “Olive’in greek language. The company Naturelia is established on Crete island in Greece,use local Organic olive oil for it’s natural cosmetics. After extensive research, Naturelia chose to use olive oil based emulsifiers and emollients, instead of simple low cost chemical based emulsifiers with no skin care benefits. Our Olive oil structure is similar to the skin’s surface lipid composition. This biomimetic ability allows the olive liquid to penetrate the skin and maintain the integrity of the skin barrier. Naturelia products are made from selective ingredients of natural origin, with a high percentage of the primary raw materials of organic culture. The oils and the extracts used in Naturelia products often have multiple actions including: moisturising, antioxidant, soothing, anti-ageing, and cell renewal. As a result, they provide full face and body care effectively. Thanks to our natural ingredients and Olive oil,our skin care products:

-Leave a pleasant silky feel

-Protect the skin from irritants and polutants

-Help active ingredients to penetrate in the deeper layers of the skin.

-Improve skin tone and elasticity

-Promote skin radiance


Our e-shop www.natureliacosmetics.com,

After an expanding quality production in Greece  always based on organic Olive and natural extracts and oils,  our products rapidly received not only the loyalty in the domestic market but also a great enthusiasm throughout the country from the several visitors that choose Greece as one of their favourite destination each year.Thus we created our e-shop, in order to be able to stay in contact with everyone that wishes to have our cosmetic products delivered to his/her home address, establishing this way a bridge of communication throughout the year with the rest of the world.